Don’t Stay Away Too Long

5 minute documantary


'My love with you always'

This short film, scripted by Tanya Crothers, documents the story of two generations of the Wheen family – SEPARATED BY WAR, UNITED BY AFFECTION.

Gretchen Wheen was a horticulturalist and breeder of Queen bees who lived at Richmond outside Sydney. Her commitment to the continuation of the bee industry in Australia led her to establish a foundation for the study and prevention of their diseases.

Few of her colleagues know the story of her arrival in Australia as a 10 year old evacuee from the bombing of Britain in WWII, or the story of her father, Arthur Wheen, decorated hero of WWI, Rhodes Scholar, translator of All Quiet on the Western Front, amateur artist and letter writer extrodinaire.

© Tor Larsen 2018